ColorTALLY • Central

Standard configuration for unlimited amount of presses, locations or users, including the UploadAgent for secure data transfer and PressEvents to be used as a digital logbook where interventions can be logged.

Standard you have more than 150 Statistical Process Control analysis sets to help you to optimise the production process. You can log in with an unlimited amount of user, each with their own access level using a standard webbrowser.

    • UploadAgent organizes automatic transfer of measurment data from the printing press to the central ColorTALLY server.
    • PressEvents is your ditigal logbook and allows you to enter specific actions on the timeline of the trend graphs. This helps you to interpret the impact of changes and improvements.
    • UniversalScoring uniforms the scoring. Most measuring systems have their own scoring system and calculation methodes. With this universal scoring method you use one uniform scoring system for all your presses and applications, regardless brand, make or model.

Options offer additional functionalities:

ColorTALLY • Messenger 

Automate your messaging and notifications with this efficient communication module. You receive automated warnings when no or not enough measurement data is coming; When insufficient data was uploaded; When one or more production jobs are being printed out of tolerances; ... etc. Thanks to the escalation system, the right people are automatically kept in the loop about quality and productivity issues.


ColorTALLY • Benchmark

Compare production performance between your different presses, your different sites or ... compare the performance of your company with the overall average performance of comparable companies worldwide, who are also connected to ColorTALLY. 


ColorTALLY • Planner

Reduce press down-time by better planning of technical interventions and maintenance based on statistical production and quality trends from ColorTALLY.

Not enough maintenance leads to decrease of quality and an unstable process resulting in higher production cost. To much or unnecessary maintenance leads to higher costs and more press down-time.

Only perform maintenance when and where you need it. Plan intervals of routine maintenance based on ColorTALLY analysis and send e-mails around to those who are responsible. Follow the status of execution correctly and timely based on automated communication.


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