Version 3.0

ColorTALLY • Benchmark

With this option you can compare the stability of your production process.

    • Compare the results from one of your presses with the average of all of your presses; 
    • Compare stability of the proces between your different production sites;
    • Compare the average performance of your company with comparable companies from the industrie.

New universal scoring-system

Most measuring systems have their own scoring system and calculation methode. With our new universal scoring method you use one uniform scoring system for all your presses, regarsdles brand, make or model.

    • Score the quality of the individual production jobs;
    • Score the stability of a press over a periode of time;
    • Score the average of all your printing presses;
    • etc. …  

Improved search function

Improvements on search engine in order to make the search for the correct job(s) faster and more accurate.

Automated messages and alerts

Use standard email technology to send automated messages to those who are responsible. ColorTALLY sends out warnings and alerts automatically when certain stability parameters run out of tolerance.


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