• Color measurements from different measuring systems and presses are automatically centralized.

  • Measurement data is automatically transferred via a secure internet connection to the ColorTALLY server.
  • ColorTALLY sorts and analyzes statistical measurement data automatically.
  • Easy to understand trend graphs give you insight in your print process.
  • 24/7 view, all in one interface and easy accessibel via a standard webbrowser.


ColorTALLY imports color measurements from a wide variaty of measuring device:

      • In-line measuring systems such as GMI, QTI, Grapho Metronic, Grafikontrol, Prinect Inpress Control, QuadTech, etc. …
      • Off-line measuring systems such as X-Rite IntelliTrax, Grapho Metronic, CCI, ImageControl, Techkon SpectroJet, PressView, etc. …
      • Input filters for most measuring devices can be developed.

Import color measurements from one single press or from different presses, regardless brand, make or model. Collect measurements from one or different production sites, all centralize on one server.

Measurement data can be filtered by press, by paper type, by location, by customer, by color, ... on make-ready time, on make-ready waste, on deltaE, on density, on dotgain, on delta Hue, on gray balance, ... for process colors, for spotcolors, ... and so many more.

You can filter data in any way you need in order to improve your process. You can visualize data in order to analyse the cause of the problem quickly and come up with solutions efficiently. Standard you can use over 150 analyse calculations. For specific applications, additional formulas can be implemented.

The analysis of your whole production is centralized in one user interface. This keeps everything nice and clear. ColorTALLY is a cloud-based software solution, therefor software updates en upgrades, new formula's and overall product improvements are fee and available to all users.

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