Transform your graphic print process into a standardised industrial process.

  • ColorTALLY gives objective insight in the inconsistencies of your print process.

  • Reduce setup time, lower production costs, increase productivity.

  • Analyse trends, efficiency and stability of your production process objectively.

  • 24/7 accessible via a standard webbrowser.


All color measurements taken during the print run are collected automatically. Using techniques from Statistical Process Control, a large amount of color data is automatically analyzed.

ColorTALLY helps you to take the right decision when stabilizing your production process.

Decide more quickly and more accurately, where and when you need specific improvements. You can monitor the real effect of the improvements and calculate, based on ColorTALLY data, the financial benefit of the proces optimization.

Reduce make-ready time and wast, increase your margin.

Reduce press down-time because of color issues. Make the color result of your print-work really predictable and don't give commercial discounts due to color deviation.



NEW in ColorTALLY version 3.0

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